hii! im inviting you to take a glance into my bedroom!
my bedroom is where i spend 99.9% of my time and growing up i had to share it with my sister
i think because i never got full freedom on how to decorate it the way i wanted as a kid it
makes me inclined to be surrounded by the things that make me happiest and thats why it looks kinda cluttered

this is a dreamcatcher, delonges first collar and my dog who passed away, sasha's bandana it sits right above my bed

the snoop dogg tag is from my snoop shirt the my chem poster is from an issue of kerrang! i bought on ebay and the art is a self portrait!

heres where i keep some of my books and dvds! in a sylvanian family house on my windowsill

i didnt like how the og pic turned out so i made this funky edit! the big chunk of black hair is from when i shaved my head january 2019 and the reason i only have one full sylvanian family is because my sister threw out the ones i had when i was a kid :(

plz excuse the dust but this is my tv stand! with some littlest pet shops and a cool scooby doo dice (if u press the top of the mystery machine theres a little dice inside)

my two lightening mcqueen figure things + a hedgehog keyring i got from my old friend hanna

where i keep some of my other dvds with my other books behind it

little nook on my desk with the packaging of my cute vocaloid mug nd some lps

this door is a little closet type thing but its been locked for the past like 16 years and my mum lost the key anyways i painted these lil sanrio characters on it and im very proud

i bought this lps hair salon on ebay earlier this year nd it sits pretty on my desk :)


my beanie baby ghost! he sits on my desk so i can see him always because he reminds me of my friend

my wall of memorable things, yes i taped my hair onto my wall